Tell the Politicians to NOT even think about it.  Because they will do it.
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SEND OUR FAMOUS Post Card to your
Senator and Congressional Rep in Washington DC
Print it - put it on your wall, give copies away.

Click on the Photo (above)  for a Larger Version.

This is the post card that everyone loves.

The back of the card has the address for your rep, you just put his or her name in there.  Put a stamp on it and drop it in the mail.  TWO postcard have SENATOR on them and one has CONGRESSIONAL REP on it.  You have 3 Reps in DC...make sure all 3 hear from you.

The back also has a place for YOUR COMMENTS and it has a bunch of check boxes by every type of energy you have heard of ( and not heard of) so you can tell your representative what you support.

For the hundreds of you that have asked.  The cat's name is Graice.  Yes I took the photo (Steven Harris).  No you can't use the photo.  No you can't have the cat.  She's mine (my wife's). Gracie is 17 years old. and is an American short hair.  She is a sweetheart but if you sneeze she'll hiss.  I was taking a photo of her, I sneezed and the camera went off just as she hissed.  Yes there is a George to go with Gracie, but George passed away last year at the age of 21.
Download a PDF and print the postcard at home.
4 Post Cards on one sheet. (8.5 x 11)

Print it on any card stock, cut it out and send it to your rep  or...
print it on regular paper and put it in an envelope and send it to your rep.

DOWNLOAD THE .PDF for yourself and your friends and your Hydrogen Future.