Tell the Politicians to NOT even think about it.  Because they will do it.
[ I mean they'll tax hydrogen.  Politicians don't think ]
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Hydrogen took us to the moon and back. 10 Times, 39 Years ago.

Hydrogen will be our next major step in a energy infrastructure in the USA and the rest of the world.  It cannot be stopped.  It will happen.  Its only a question of which year or which decade it will start in prominence.

Although the date of when hydrogen will be a wide spread reality is a question, there is one thing that is not in question.  The politicians will tax it. 

The internet has been in existence for about 40 years and the "web" for about the last 17 years, the last 10 years of the internet being very significant.  So far the internet has avoided taxes of significance and it should continue that way.

The same thing needs to be done for Hydrogen BEFORE its numbers start to climb.  SEE the SIX conditions (and expanding) below we have put forth for NO TAX ON HYDROGEN.


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The Importance of NO TAX on Hydrogen
and NO TAX Hydrogen with Other Fuels ?

Hydrogen has a very 'complete combustion'.   It has a high equilibrium constant to the RIGHT and the reaction with oxygen wants to go to completion.  All H2 and O2 wants to combine and form H2O with no free H2 or O2 floating around.  Hydrogen has the ability to "dominate" or "characterize" the combustion of other materials.  This can happen between 5%, 10% and 20% of a mixture of Hydrogen and the other fuel. 

Normally 10% is more than enough.  So 90% natural gas and 10% hydrogen when ignited will combust with nearly the same speed and completion and efficiency of pure 100% hydrogen.  An engine running on 100% methane (natural gas) on a standard throttled homogenous mixture engine ( like you drive now) will have a thermal efficiency of 18.5 to 23.0%. 

 A diesel engine runs on unthrottled stratified charge configuration and it can do 28% to 44% thermal efficiency.  Diesel engines hold the world record for the most efficient mass production engine.  This is more efficient than most fuel cells.  The same is for an engine running on 100% hydrogen.  It can run in open throttle stratified charge mode and get 28% to 43% thermal efficiency.  10% Hydrogen and 90% Natural gas ( or 90% gasoline ) will allow a standard 'gasoline' type engine to run with the same efficiency as a diesel engine or the pure hydrogen engine just described. 

Why?  As I said above.  The hydrogen dominates and characterizes the combustion of the other fuel.  An example of this is: Think of a single match as the spark from a spark plug and think of a BIG pile of wood as fuel in an engine cylinder.  Light the match and throw it on the big pile of wood.  Does it light?  How fast does it burn? Now soak the entire pile of wood with 10% gasoline and then light your match and throw it on the wood.  How does it burn ?  The wood burns fast and it burns like gasoline burns.   Hydrogen does the same thing with gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, alcohol and other fuels in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine running in unthrottled stratified charge mode.  The hydrogen ignites and takes the rest of the fuel along with it on high speed and complete combustion.



NO TAX on Hydrogen: Condition 1.
Natural Gas and Hydrogen together.
CH4 + H2 = CH4 + H2

NO TAX on the entire content, delivery, storage, use or generation of a gaseous or compressed gas fuel that is homogeneously mixed with at least 20% diatomic hydrogen free molecules as measured by calorific (BTU) content.  

What Doe this mean?
It means take 80% Natural Gas (or less), or Methane and 20% Hydrogen Gas (or more) and mix the two gasses together (they'll do it for you).  These gasses can be at any temperature and pressure and the entire content of these are NOT taxed.  The ratio needs to be by energy content and NOT mass because of the huge differences in the mass of a methane molecule (CH4) and hydrogen (H2).   Methane is about 18,500 BTU's/lb and Hydrogen is around 56,000 BTU's/lb.  This is the energy they deliver per unit of mass,  not per unit of volume.  Methane is around 1000 BTU/cubic foot and hydrogen is around 320 BTU/cubic foot.  So the measurement of what we propose needs to be done on a unit of energy delivered.



NO TAX on Hydrogen Condition 2.
Alcohol and Water Mixture.
CxHyOz + H2O ==>   CO  + H2

NO TAX on the entire content, delivery, storage, use or generation of a solid, liquid or gaseous composition made from 2 or more substances that are fully immiscible with each other, with or without a third agent, that can be thermally reformed through autothermal, endothermic or exothermic reformation with or without a catalyst, into a gaseous fuel that is dominated by 20% or more hydrogen by calorific content. 

What does this mean??  It means when you take methanol and mix it with the right ratio of water ( they both dissolve, or are immiscible with each other) and you heat it up in a catalyst and produce a product that is Carbon Monoxide (a great fuel) and hydrogen then this is tax free.  There are whole families of organic solvents and alcohols, hundreds of them, that can be mixed with other compounds that will produce a hydrogen dominated fuel when it is thermally reformed.  This is done today for methanol fuel cells ( MFC )'s.  Please keep in mind this is not some stupid 'water fuel'.  The reformation takes about 15% of the energy content of the fuel (such as the methanol) because the reaction is endothermic (needs heat).  The advantage is that the use of the hydrogen and carbon monoxide in an engine is much more efficient than using methanol and air.



NO TAX on Hydrogen Condition 3.
Steam + Waste = Hydrogen
CxHy +  H2O ==>  CO  +  H2
CxHyOz + H2O ==>   CO  + H2

NO TAX on the entire content, delivery, storage, use or generation of a gaseous composition made from any hydrocarbon molecule, organic molecule or inorganic molecule that is used to produce a gas that is dominated by 20% or more free diatomic hydrogen that is produced through the steam reformation or partial oxidation of that material or mixture there of. 

The steam reformation of natural gas is how hydrogen is made on an industrial scale today.  This is what the space shuttle flies on when it lifts off.  This is what the Saturn 5 flew on.  Steam reformation of biomass, waste, sewage, manure, heavy oil, coal, carbon all produce a hydrogen product that is an excellent fuel for transportation.  All steam reformation, and partial oxidation and auto thermal reformation should be encouraged by not punishing it with taxes.

If the Hydrogen in the Space Shuttle Main Tank was taxed at the same average rate as gasoline is, the extra tax on the hydrogen for each shuttle launch would be:
$  53,000 USA
$587,000 United Kingdom
$835,000 Germany


NO TAX on Hydrogen Condition 4.
Electrolysis of Water or other Chemicals
2H2O => 2H2 + O2

NO TAX on the entire content, delivery, storage, use or generation of a gaseous composition made from the electrolysis of water as long as the electricity used is not derived from an Earth resource such as coal, petroleum distillates or natural gas.   Land fill methane in a generator, surplus hydroelectric, wind, wave, tidal, solar are all excellent examples.  An exception for this may be in the use of 'stranded natural gas' (or other well or Earth resource) in such that you have an abundant well in a very remote location with no ability to transport the earth resource energy to market.  The energy can be used locally at the source to produce hydrogen that is then shipped to market.   Shipping in an advanced carbon storage system or in a liquid form are examples.  There are other methods in which this could be done but at this moment (2008) that information would breach intellectual property that is under development.  Technically is is possible to take a deep, remote ocean source of methane hydrate, refine it into hydrogen and to move that hydrogen to the main land market MORE economically than it would be liquefying methane gas and transporting it to market by ship.

Although water is the predominate source of hydrogen from electrolysis we do NOT want legislation to limit the technology development of this field but to encourage it to expand.  For example Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) can be electrolyzed.   The process produces Hydrogen and Chlorine.  The hydrogen is taken off and used and the chlorine is kept in the system and recycled with water to produce oxygen and more hydrochloric acid, which is then electrolyzed to make hydrogen and chlorine.   Its a simple chemical cycle that is closed and only outputs hydrogen and oxygen.  Again, this is dependent on having a surplus of electricity to drive the process. 

An exception for the electrolysis of water or other chemicals for the production of hydrogen would be the use of national grid electricity to electrolyze hydrogen is when there is an EXTERNAL thermal input using waste heat, recovered energy or direct solar heat.  Electrolysis of water requires X amount of energy to make Y amount of energy.  X is ALWAYS MORE than Y.  Always.  However X amount of energy can be 10% electricity and 90% high temperature solar heat.



NO TAX on Hydrogen Condition 5.
Hydrogen used as an Energy carrier, available for public sale, that is made from any nuclear fission, fusion or anti-matter source of energy.

NO TAX on the entire content, delivery, storage, use or generation of a gaseous composition where the original energy source for the chemical, electrochemical, thermal-chemical, inorganic or organic chemical method has taken its predominate energy source from an energy release at an atomic level.

This would include current nuclear power plants producing hydrogen via electrolysis as well as many of the proposed chemical methods.   This would include using fusion energy from the sun that is radiated onto the planet or space craft.  This would include hydrogen produced from a fusion reaction of materials being bombarded by high energy lasers to obtain a controlled fusion energy source.   Yes, antimatter is real.  It is not science fiction.  We'll be able to use antimatter energy long after we've mastered advanced fusion energy.  This is the forward thinking we want to encourage.

This NO TAX on Hydrogen condition would also include hydrogen made from Deuterium - Deuterium reactions as well as Deuterium - Helium reactions where the Helium 3 has come from the Moon or other celestial bodies such as Saturn, Jupiter or the moons of Mars.   This is no joke or fantasy.  China is going to the moon for Helium 3.  China as a civilization has 8000 years of continuity.  In the USA we think in terms of today, tomorrow, next year, 5 years from now and maybe next decade.  The Chinese think in terms of decades, half centuries (50 years) and centuries. is attempting to utilizes this way of thinking.


NO TAX on Hydrogen Condition 6.
Hydrogen made from any photogalvanic electrochemical method where the radiating power source is Solar Energy.

NO TAX on the entire content, delivery, storage, use or generation of a gaseous composition where the original energy is solar radiation (sunlight) and it is powering a photogalvanic reaction.  The photogalvanic particles are immersed in water.  This does not cover the electrolysis of water with traditional solar panels.  This process refers to the field where particles the size of grains of sand are altered to be 'miniature solar panels".   Each little particle when illuminated by sunlight creates a positive and negative voltage across the particle.  This electrolyses the water in contact with the particle locally into hydrogen and oxygen.  This then bubbles to the surface of the water and is collected and the hydrogen and oxygen is separated and used.  This DOES EXIST right now.  It works, but it needs a LOT more work.  Right now 'traditional' solar photovoltaic panels (PV) are 6% efficient (thin film) or 11% efficient (polycrystalline) or up to 22% efficient (space class cells).   Photogalvanic particles are on the order of 0.01% efficient or LESS.  That would be 1000 times less efficient than standard PV panels today.  Never the less, right now with our chemistry we can make these particles and you can throw these particles into a swimming pool at noon on a sunny day and you will instantly see hydrogen and oxygen start to bubble up.   The other current problem right now is that the particles will only work for seconds, minutes and maybe a few hours at most because the particles are oxidized by the water they are photogalvanically reacting with.   Photogalvanic particles, the size of a grain of sand, made on an industrial scale, that will last for years and even if it only has an efficiency of 1%, will change the world.   These particles and a bucket of water in the middle of Africa will produce a fuel that will run a car engine, if the sun is shining.



God Bless T. Boone Pickens

Once we have an abundance of vehicles with natural gas tanks, it is NOT hard to put 10% to 20% (or more) hydrogen into the tanks to augment the natural gas.   Even going to pure hydrogen is much easier if there are millions of vehicles that are natural gas capable.  PickensPlan is a step towards pure hydrogen powering all vehicles.  It is a BIG HUGE step.   Thank you, from our heart, to T B Pickens for setting the example of what private wealth and determination can do.